• Dungeon Master for Hire

    San Francisco GM for hire

  • Dungeon Master for Hire

    San Francisco GM for hire

  • Dungeon Master for Hire

    San Francisco GM for hire

Looking for a Dungeon Master for you and your friends for your next Dungeons and Dragons session? Want to learn how to play? Looking for an amazing new team building event? Well look no further weary traveler! You’ve come to the right place. I have been playing DnD for 10+ years and run several weekly games among a number of monthly sessions and one night events. I love the game and enjoy teaching newcomers.

What we offer


Devon will M. Night Shyamalan your life apart, and ruin your trust for religious leaders faster than the Catholic Church

Tim H. – Warlock

Devon's got more voices in his head than Charles Manson, and thats a good thing.

Rob J. – Cleric

I had never played D&D before prior to playing with Devon and am now pretty sure I never want to play with anyone other than him. Double bonus points for hilarious character voices, crazy cool innovations in gameplay, and, of course, the beard.

Grant M. – Bard

“Endless range of character voices? GRR Martin-like narrative twists? Tolkien-esque mythopoetic depth? Fantastical euphoria? Otherworldly anxiety? Devon takes mastering a dungeon to the next level and will give you a DnD experience that will reinvent what it means to be a DM in the best ways possible.”

Lana – Rogue

“I have played with Devon for over 2 years and he never fails to surprise the group with new adventures. His gift of story-telling has woven a group of acquaintances in to a quasi-family through the magic of dungeons and dragons”

Jakob O. – Paladin

  • Weekly Heroics Group

  • Monthly Company Session

  • HiestOne Off

  • Haunted SeasOne Off


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